Information required hiring a vehicle

Full current valid UK driving licence required. No extra classifications required to drive any of our vehicles.

The essential guide to house removals


  • Work out how much you have to move and what size vehicle you will need to hire.
  • Check that there is access and parking for your chosen size of vehicle at both ends of your journey - remember any height and width restrictions.
  • Always overestimate and make allowances for delays.
House removals - planning


Consider making more than one trip with a smaller van if distances are short. It can make access and loading much easier. Our trained staff can help with this decision.
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  • Remember that boxes have to be carried, so put a few heavy items (e.g. books) at the bottom and then fill up with lighter stuff, such as clothes or cushions.
  • Colour code or clearly label every box with its contents so you know where it goes when you unload the van.
  • When packing glass or china, wrap each object in bubble wrap or newspaper. Box them carefully so they won't move too much.
  • Set aside a day or two to pack and do nothing else in this time. You'll get it done a lot faster this way.
House removals - packing


Buy or acquire plenty of strong boxes in advance. We can supply bubble wrap for those fragile items, mirrors, pictures, etc.


  • Put all the heaviest objects - such as sofas and wardrobe on the floor towards the front of the van. Make sure they cannot move - tie them to the side of the van or wedge them in.
  • Put the lightest boxes and objects highest up but always make sure that nothing can move, a few cheap ratchet straps (available on the high street) are useful for this.
  • Use old blankets or sheets to protect furniture from damage.
  • Box up everything possible - try to avoid being left with any loose, unpacked items.
  • Remember - if it can move, it will move.
House removals - loading


Drawers provide excellent storage. To load a chest of drawers, remove all the drawers and carry them out separately. Then reinsert them and tie them closed or push them against the side of the van - otherwise they will come open when you're driving. For heavier items we have vehicles equipped with tail lifts.


  • Take it slow and steady. Remember that stopping times will be greater than in a car.
  • Always have someone quide you back when reversing.
  • Remember that speed limits are lower for vans - 50mph on single carriage ways and 60mph on dual carriage ways.
House removals - driving


Driving a modern van is quite easy - almost too easy. Remember to keep your speed down on twisty sections - that way you'll avoid breakages.


  • Take all furniture and boxes straight to the rooms in which they belong - this is easy if you labelled all of the boxes.
  • Once unloaded, unpack one room at a time, tidying as you go. This will save you loads of time and mess.
House removals - unpacking


Decide in advance what order to unpack in. Then do one room at a time until you are finished.